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    Oracle's UTF-8 is not really a valid encoding. It encodes surrogates as if
    they were characters. The kept the old Unicode 2.x code that only supports
    BMP to provide sort key compatibility for clients who never upgraded to
    Unicode 3.0 support and are using 16 bit character encoding improperly.
    UTF8 sorts in the same way as the old 16 bit Unicode before surrogates. Do
    not use UTF8 because it is really not Unicode conformant with any Unicode
    standard. Instead use AL32UTF8.


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      We are using Oracle9i with application tier as 11i.

      I wanted to know the differences between AL32UTF8 and UTF8. My database
    (oracle) will be in AL32UTF8 format. Will the applications that require
    multibyte characters work as they are functionin in UTF8 format.

      Would be great if anybody can gimme a comparision on AL32UTF8 and UTF8

      Also pls list requirement of any 3rd party softwares for code page
    conversions in case of AL32UTF8

      Thanks in advance,


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