Re: [hebrew] Re: Roadmap---Mandaic, Early Aramaic, Samaritan

Date: Mon Aug 11 2003 - 18:22:54 EDT

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    Peter Kirk wrote on 08/11/2003 01:50:17 PM:

    > But suppose someone like Elaine or myself wants to offer their expertise
    > on a specific script or script family as an ongoing commitment. Is there
    > a way they can do so without having to receive dozens of messsages every
    > day on the Unicode list, the vast majority of which have nothing to do
    > with their specific area of expertise?
    > Maybe the script specific mailing lists are the answer. But is their
    > existence an ongoing commitment, or just a temporary reaction to a
    > temporary burst of activity?

    Not an official answer, but accurate, I think: script-specific ad hoc lists
    can be created as a need arises, and will continue to exist as long as a
    need exists. A Hebrew-specific list did not exist until recently as there
    had not been enough Hebrew-specific discussion to warrant a list until

    - Peter

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