Re: Unicode 4.0 is online at last!

From: Jim Allan (
Date: Fri Aug 15 2003 - 18:18:12 EDT

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    Paul Kirk posted in regards to bad characters from the Unicode PDS files:

    > What seems to be happening, in Windows 2000, is that the text on the
    > clipboard is made up of PUA character codes U+F7XX, where the XX seems
    > to be the corresponding ASCII code. For example, small caps "LATIN"
    > comes out as F76C F761 F774 F769 F76E. At some point Windows 98 simply
    > strips off the F7's giving you the correct text. But Windows 2000, which
    > is Unicode based, keeps the full PUA code points, which in my Mozilla
    > 1.4 are rendered as strange combinations of base characters with
    > combining marks, e.g. "LATIN" comes out as  which appears on my
    > screen (in Mozilla mail and browsing the archives with Mozilla) as N
    > diaeresis M macron o vertical-line-below n macron o acute dot-below.
    > When I browse the archives in IE6 or paste the text into Word, I get
    > square boxes.


    But I still see "LATIN" coming out perfectly as "LATIN" in small capitals.

    I lucked out.

    Investigation shows that my system is picking up exactly the right small
    capital characters from the PUA in the fonts Pigiarniq and Pigiarniq
    Italic available free from the Government of Nunavut at and

    (The small capitals are missing from the light, bold, and heavy fonts in
    the Pigiarniq family.)

    These fonts are attributed to Tiro Typeworks, so perhaps John Hudson can
    explain this lucky happenstance.

    Jim Allan

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