Re: font creation software for Unicode Hebrew proposal ?

Date: Sun Sep 28 2003 - 02:02:31 EDT

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    > Can anyone let me know which one is the best tool to create Indic
    > fonts for Windows.

    You can use any of a variety of tools for creating glyhphs, but I don't
    recommend Fontographer and it has various bugs and creates fonts that have
    problems. As you create the glyphs, you should also use Microsoft's Font
    Validator tool to verify that there are not errors in the font.

    For adding OpenType layout tables, you can use either the Adobe Font
    Development Kit, or Microsoft's VOLT. There are also Perl-based tools, if
    you're a Perl fan. For a visual interface, VOLT is the only option.

    Again, after getting OpenType tables added, you should run the Font
    Validator -- highly recommended. Adobe also has some interesting testing
    tools, especially if you create fonts with CFF ("Type 1") outlines.

    You can find links to these and other font tools at 


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