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Date: Fri Oct 17 2003 - 06:36:39 CST

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> > It seems a simple enough case to argue - EITHER the
> 0x110000 character
> > space is amply big enough for everyone, as John Cowan asserts.
> Big enough for everyone, but not for everything.

Aha. Then at least we agree on something. An 0x110000 character space is
not big enough for everyTHING.

In that case, I would argue that, in order to provide a big enough
character space for everything, IF twenty-one bits is not enough THEN we
should use more bits. Users of any script, regardless of whether it's
Klingon or anything else, should always be able to get codepoints for
their script. Nobody should ever need to "justify" its use to a
committee. It should suffice to claim "At least two people use it, so we
want codepoints for it". Klingon, at least, /does/ now use space in the
PUA, but of course that's a problem for anyone who doesn't agree on the
particular choice of mapping.

You could argue that that's what the private use area is for. I would
argue that codepoints above 0x10FFFF could be considered as just another
private use area ... only somewhat larger. So large, in fact, that you
need never see a clash, ever.


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