unicode on Linux

From: Shao, Yiying (yiying.shao@intel.com)
Date: Mon Oct 20 2003 - 13:21:35 CST


I am new to Linux world. Just wondering if anybody knowss how unicode is on Linux? Is unicode ready for all language, including double byte languages, on Red Hat and SuSe?

Here is something that I read:

Before you start experimenting with UTF-8 under Linux, update your installation to a recent distribution with up-to-date UTF-8 support, such as SuSE 8.1 or Red Hat 8.0. Some earlier distributions provided already at least UTF-8 locales and some ISO10646-1 X11 fonts, but they lacked many of the UTF-8 extensions that have recently been made to numerous application programs. Red Hat Linux 8.0 has already made UTF-8 the default encoding for all locales other than Chinese/Japanese/Korean.

On Red Hat Linux, if UTF-8 is not made as the default encoding for Chnese/Japanese/Korean, what it is using for those double byte languages? Does later Red Had Linux makes the UTF-8 the default encoding for them? Any details regarding UTF-8 on SuSe?


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