Hacek - Typing from a keyboard... Help!!!!

From: Toyin Ryan (Toyin.Ryan@morganstanley.com)
Date: Wed Oct 29 2003 - 04:32:59 CST

Hello subcribers

I am trying to type the 'hacek' diacritic mark above 'c' and 'e' and
also a straight line (not a tilda) above characters too.

The hacek is a diacritic mark used in the Czech and Lithuanian
languages. It looks like an upside-down circumflex or a pointed
breve-essentially a small "v" over the letter.

Please can you tell me what keys on the key pad I should use.

I am aware that if you are in Word 2002 (Windows XP) you can use the
small c with hacek = 010D + Alt x
small e with hacek = 011B + Alt x
small a with straight line = 0101 + Alt x
small u with straight line = 016B + Alt x

However, I want to type these charcarters in a tool called 'Embarcadero
DBArtisan, version 7' in order to put the characters in a Sybase
When I currently type the characters in Word and then try to paste them
in DBArtisan the hacek disappears.

Please can someone help!!!!

Many Thanks
Toyin Ryan

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