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From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Wed Oct 29 2003 - 05:59:40 CST

From: "Toyin Ryan" <>

> I am trying to type the 'hacek' diacritic mark above 'c' and 'e' and
> also a straight line (not a tilda) above characters too.
> The hacek is a diacritic mark used in the Czech and Lithuanian
> languages. It looks like an upside-down circumflex or a pointed
> breve-essentially a small "v" over the letter.
> Please can you tell me what keys on the key pad I should use.

You should look at the keyboard layouts that were designed for the languages
in question (see
for the various layouts).

> However, I want to type these charcarters in a tool called 'Embarcadero
> DBArtisan, version 7' in order to put the characters in a Sybase
> Database.
> When I currently type the characters in Word and then try to paste them
> in DBArtisan the hacek disappears.

The most likely cause of THAT is the clipboard operation being a CF_TEXT
rather than a CF_UNICODETEXT transfer. This means it is using the default
system code page and if the characters with the haceks are not on that code
page than they will be munged into the hacek-less versions.

Assuming this is true:

1) Trying to use one of the keyboards may or may not work -- it is possible
for an application to support Unicode but still handle the clipboard
incorrectly (I do not know what DBArtisan supports here specifically).

2) You can change the "Language for non-Unicode Programs" (Regional and
Language Options, on the advanced tab) so that the default system code page
will support the characters in question.

MichKa [MS]
NLS Collation/Locale/Keyboard Development
Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies

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