Re: Hacek - Typing from a keyboard... Help!!!!

From: Toyin Ryan (
Date: Thu Oct 30 2003 - 03:02:40 CST

Thanks Philippe

Philippe Verdy wrote:

> From: "Toyin Ryan" <>
> > Thank you Philippe. The characters you detailed below only seem to work in
> Word.
> > They don't work in DBArtisan or netscape messenger or outlook.
> There are a lot of applications that can use and render these characters. At
> least all those applications that can handle ISO-8859-2, or Windows-1250 or
> Central-European DOS/OEM codepages.
> Outlook will render them, as well as Netscape, Mozilla, Internet Explorer,
> Excel, WordPerfect, Java, and this is not limited to Windows as they also
> exist even in MacOS Classic with its MacCentral charset, or on Unix/Linux
> with XFree86 (even those that don't have a TrueType font renderers, as there
> are a lot of fonts built at least for ISO-8859-2)...
> As I said, your most probable issue is that your client application is
> configured to handle only ISO-8859-1 or Windows-1252 or CP850 or CP437 only.
> If this is so, there's no way to display them:
> What you can do is only:
> 1) modify the client configuration to support the Latin2 charset at least,
> or
> 2) update your client application so that it handles at least the Latin2
> charset with a version localized for Central Europe (but I think you should
> upgrade to an application that supports Unicode support)...
> Neither Sybase or Windows should be the cause of your problem (see solution
> 1).

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