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Date: Fri Nov 07 2003 - 07:14:44 EST

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    At 19:52 -0500 2003-11-06, Jim Allan wrote:

    It really isn't necessary to remind anyone that the Netherlands
    objected to adding the Romanian characters. In any case COMBINING
    CEDILLA and COMBINING COMMA BELOW were characters in Unicode 1.0.

    >But Romanians are still frustrated because most fonts distributed as
    >part of computer operating systems or otherwise available do not
    >support these characters.

    Apple does a good job. They are in many of their shipping fonts.

    >Since there is no linguistic tradition in any language for _t_ with
    >a cedilla shape beneath, most modern fonts display an undercomma
    >beneath U+0162, U+0163 instead of a cedilla shape.

    "Most"? By the way I believe the Times Atlas of the World uses
    t-cedilla in transcriptions of Arabic or Ethiopic names. I forget

    >There are actually three conflicting uses, since Gagauz
    >traditionally uses a cedilla shape under _c_ an undercomma beneath
    >_t_ and a symbol halfway between the two under _s_. See

    You overstate the case. "Traditionally" is not indicated in that
    posting, but only "anecdotally" with regard to some references

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