Re: Hexadecimal digits?

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Fri Nov 14 2003 - 20:07:46 EST

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    Jill Ramonsky asked on Nov 10:

    > My question went unanswered, so I'll ask it again - do I get a vote?

    Hmm... I'm finally catching up on mail-list mail from this past week. The
    short answer to your question is "no", and others have said that. But, as
    Philippe and others have said, you could join the consortium and vote. (And
    as far as industry consortia go, Unicode is a great bargain.)

    This thread has been going on a long time, and the only reason I'm
    bothering to answer now at all is that Philippe's answer also gave some
    mis-information that should be cleared up. Philippe wrote:

    > I think that you get a right to vote when you pay your subscription to be a
    > full member of the UTC (or the UTC votes to invite you to become a member,
    > as it feels your liaison membership would be helpful but you can't pay that
    > price

    That is actually incorrect. Liaison members do not get a vote in UTC.
    Liaison membership is a courtesy that is extended by invitation to certain
    other organizations with which the Unicode Consortium is involved in
    standardization efforts. It keeps them tightly in our consultation loop and
    us tightly in their loop. You can read about the membership categories and
    what they mean here:


    Jill also wrote:

    > How does one go about registering support for a proposal?

    Use the reporting form:


    or send a letter to the Unicode office.



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