Re: Oriya: nndda / nnta?

Date: Thu Nov 27 2003 - 20:46:32 EST

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    Michael Everson wrote,

    > It would be just sooooo cool if you would say what page and column
    > and line of that document you are referring to.

    Subjoined DDA (0B21) and TA (0B24) seem to be mentioned on page 8
    of 59 in the right-hand column under the heading "Consonant Signs".

    "...It must be noted here that when the consonant sign " ... " is
    attached below NNA (0B23) it is pronounced as DDA (0B21). In other
    words the same consonant sign represents both TA (0B24) and DDA

    Ah, there's nothing quite like glyphic ambiguity...

    Best regares,

    James Kass

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