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Date: Fri Nov 28 2003 - 05:32:51 EST

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    You are getting personal and indulging in ad hominem. I consider this
    out of order. Yes I have read TUS Section 2.2, and indeed the whole of
    the rest of the book - and understood it, too, so you can stop wondering
    that right now.

    Unicode design principles do not change the fact that there are
    inconsistencies within Unicode, and it is nice to have a forum in which
    we can discuss such inconsistencies without being personally insulted.
    The very fact that the character "circled 2" exists AT ALL is at odds
    with Unicode design priniciples, as it should rightly have been encoded
    as "2" + ENCLOSING CIRCLE. Or - alternatively - perhaps there should
    have been no enclosing circle modifier (and no circle-enclosed glyphs)
    at all, since enclosing circle should have been considered markup.

    The fact is, whenever there is one rule in one place and a different
    rule somewhere else, people are going to talk about it. I do not regard
    this as a bad thing. I have disagreed with many people in this forum,
    but I have never insulted anyone. I would like to believe that that is
    how rational discussion proceeds.


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    > Whenever I read threads like this one
    > (and they resurface
    > with monotonous regularity) I do wonder whether the
    > participants have ever read
    > TUS Section 2.2 "Unicode Design Principles".
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