Latin Capital Letter Turned T/K?

From: D. Starner (
Date: Fri Nov 28 2003 - 06:14:34 EST

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    At Distributed Proofreaders <>, we scan,
    OCR and proof material for Project Gutenberg. We've started
    to process the Annual Report of the Bureau of American ethnology,
    from 1879 to 1930. The first volume has an article called
    "Illustration of the method of recording Indian languages", which
    has text in Omaha. This cased text has Latin Capital Letter Turned T
    and Latin Capital Letter Turned K, clearly as the uppercase version
    of the Latin Small .... As can probably be guessed by people who
    have read enough old linguistics material, the text has no indication
    of the phonetic values. Has anyone else seen these characters, and
    could provide material for a submission?

    How about the Latin Letters Tresillo and Cuatrillo? Any movement
    on that front?

    Oh, yes, pictures of the characters: due to the miracles of modern technology,
    I can include them in plain text, but you'll have to stand on your head (-:

    T K

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