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Date: Fri Nov 28 2003 - 06:41:56 EST

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    On 28/11/2003 01:57, Andrew C. West wrote:

    > ...
    >These are all specialised cases that are strictly necessary in order to
    >represent the respective scripts. General text formatting such as underlining or
    >arbitrary encirclement of characters (or cartouchement of ideographs which is
    >common in traditional Chinese texts) is considered to be "rich text" and beyond
    >the scope of Unicode. Whenever I read threads like this one (and they resurface
    >with monotonous regularity) I do wonder whether the participants have ever read
    >TUS Section 2.2 "Unicode Design Principles".
    Andrew, I agree with Jill that there is no need to get ad hominem. You
    will see that I anticipated your objection. I listed several cases where
    a combining mark might need to be associated with a group of characters,
    and suggested that some might be dealt with as "rich text". You have
    confirmed what I wrote. Some of my cases have already been encoded in
    Unicode, and in just the way I suggested; others are considered (by the
    UTC, or just by you?) as "rich text". Like Jill, I see some possible
    inconsistency. One point of this discussion is perhaps to determine if
    we ought to try to make things more consistent.

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