RE: Latin Capital Letter Turned T/K?

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Date: Fri Nov 28 2003 - 19:19:31 EST

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    At 09:02 -0800 2003-11-28, Peter Constable wrote:

    > > How about the Latin Letters Tresillo and Cuatrillo? Any movement
    >> on that front?
    >I've had them on my list of things to propose. I was trying to find
    >more samples of tresillo to get a better idea of range of
    >typographic variation, and had just started on that when that work
    >got interrupted by other life events such as moving. I still need to
    >follow up on that.
    >> Oh, yes, pictures of the characters...
    >Some samples of cuatrillo and tresillo can be found at

    I'm following this as well. Whether they are casing is of interest.
    For my part I wonder if the quatrillo and tresillo are related to
    modified q and c or to a Latin abbreviations of some kind. The name
    leads us to 4 and 3 of course but regarding their origins, k' < q and
    q' < c makes some sense. Tresillo might be U+0188 for instance and
    cuatrillo, hm, might be U+0261. Though neither of those unifications
    is really satisfactory.

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