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Date: Sat Jan 03 2004 - 17:23:32 EST

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    On 03/01/2004 13:37, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > ...
    >We can't say from the exhibited uppercase alphabet that this should be a
    >mirrored dotless j or a mirrored soft-dotted j if it is converted to
    >lowercase. So Peter, where did you find this image of an alphabet?
    It's not a mirrored J, and I found it at
    as I said before, also (but too small to see clearly) in the column
    headings of the first table in

    There is also an interesting example of this alphabet handwritten, on a
    blackboard, in,
    which actually includes six examples of the letter in question but
    written more like the Cyrillic soft sign although this seems to have
    been before the glyph was officially changed in 1933, also before ş
    officially replaced ʒ. Here is my transcription of that slogan (partly
    reconstructed from the translation, using ь for the doubtful letter):

    Turq kadьnь! Ɵlqənin həjatь kyrylyşynda istiraq et, savadsьzlьgьnь ləgv et!

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