Re: corporate/users PUA ranges (was: Cuneiform - Dynamic vs. Static)

From: Deborah Goldsmith (
Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 13:50:33 EST

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    On Jan 13, 2004, at 7:10 PM, Philippe Verdy wrote:
    >> For Panther:
    >> "user part of PUA" == everything not in the corporate part of the PUA
    >> "corporate part of PUA" == the set of corporate PUA characters that
    >> Apple defines on Mac OS
    > Which is?

    Obviously, it's:

    > So I wonder how Panther can do want you said:
    >> FYI, Panther was changed to not do font substitution in the user part
    >> of the PUA (it still does it in the corporate part).
    > without using some arbitrary limit in the middle of the PUA range of
    > the
    > BMP, by assuming that Apple has not assigned (will not assign)
    > "corporate"
    > characters in these PUA code points.

    Because the assignments in the corporate area only change when we
    release a new version of Mac OS, not in between. The set of corporate
    characters is fixed for Panther.

    Deborah Goldsmith
    Manager, Fonts / Unicode liaison
    Apple Computer, Inc.

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