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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 13:28:28 EST

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    > While I agree that the use of case in Klingon orthography is annoying,
    > is really only one bad case, Q vs. q.

    Isn't Klingon Mandel-coded "Q" mostly the same as "q" + "H" letters ? (not
    "qh" which is a separate plain letter)
    In the Klingon Mandel system, the lowercase "h" denotes a diacritic or
    letter modifier, unlike "H" which is a plain separate letter.

    If there's a better transliteration of Klingon-scripted text into Latin, I
    would have never used the adopted system, but noted "Q" as "q+diacritic",
    and "qh" as a separate letter or as a "r" + diacritic, to keep the Latin
    case system, and allow safer handling of Klingon text transliterated to

    Even in the case of Irish, the uppercase "S" denotes a distinctful variant
    of "s", which should better be noted with some diacritic, such as a hacek or
    cedilla... Imagine what happens when reading uppercased Irish book titles
    and the confusion it produces? Well it also happens when someone writes
    French in all uppercase and removes all the accents simply because there's
    no accented uppercase letter on most French keyboards, despite they are part
    of its official orthograph...

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