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Date: Thu Feb 19 2004 - 04:39:00 EST

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    At 16:44 -0800 2004-02-18, Peter Constable wrote:

    >Well, *don't* ignore the fact that I was not talking about
    >parentheses and hyphens; I was talking about tilde and right arrow

    No one is proposing these.

    >Sorry, that doesn't cut it, IMO. You know all too well that "what
    >people need to encode" is open to lots of interpretations. When
    >someone comes along and says "we need to encode Devanagari ksha" or
    >"we need to encode ch", you, Michael Everson, will respond saying,
    >"No, we do not need to encode those things,"

    Because they can be represented in plain text already.

    I have to go to the airport.

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