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Date: Fri Feb 27 2004 - 21:43:12 EST

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    I expect 'ct' was never in an 8 bit coded character set standard and so didn't
    have to be included for compatibility and round-trip-mapping between the
    Unicode and such a standard. The other ligatures you mention are in one or
    another standard or code page.

    - Chris

     "Kevin Brown" wrote

    > This has possibly been canvassed before, but I was wondering why there is
    > no character LATIN SMALL LIGATURE CT in Alphabetic Presentation Forms (or
    > elsewhere)?

    > The Alphabetic Presentation Forms range contains most of the other latin
    > ligatures such as st, ff, fi, fl etc. I would have thought that the ct
    > ligature was no more or less common than any of these.

    > Adobe Pro fonts (eg Minion, Caslon, Garamond etc) include the ct ligature
    > in the PUA.

    > What is the history of the non-inclusion of the ct ligature in the
    > Unicode Standard?

    > Kevin

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