Re: help needed with adding new character

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 17:34:16 EST

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    At 08:27 AM 3/18/2004, Jon Wilson wrote:
    >Hi folks,
    >I believe there is a character missing from the standard. I would like to
    >apply to have it included, but I am a typography and Unicode novice, so I
    >require some assistance with the application process.
    >The character in question is a variant of "CIRCLED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER
    >A", commonly referred to as the "Anarchy" symbol. The bars of the A are
    >longer than normal, extending to touch or even overlap the circle.
    >See for example,

    The horizontal bar from side to side is a variant. I'm more familiar with
    versions where only the long strokes of the A touch the rim.

    >This character has a distinct history and meaning, and I believe it to be
    >suitable for inclusion in Unicode as a separate character from CIRCLED

    I concur - it's not 24B6

    >As I understand it, I need to do the following:
    >1) Check that the character does not already exist within the Unicode
    >standard. I don't think it does, but someone more familiar with it may
    >wish to double check

    It's not

    >2) Establish that no existing characters would do as replacements. As I
    >see it, CIRCLED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A is different both typographically
    >and semanticly.

    1 and 2 are the same - your symbol is not 24B6

    >3) Decide on a name for the character.

    Your proposed name ANARCHY SYMBOL would be suitable for a proposal. It's
    similar to existing names of like items and follows the formal name
    guidelines. The committee can do the fine tuning.

    >4) Determine a suitable code-page for the character

    you mean 'block' or code location. Actually, you don't need to do that. You
    are asked to state whether you like BMP or not, but you may recommend a
    code location. I suggest you ask for 269D.

    I don't think that the 2100 block would be better - it's more of a symbol
    than a special letterform (never mind that we stuck 2117 in that block).

    The committee will fine tune that one as well.

    >5) Write a formal description of the properties and shape of the character.

    You don't need to describe the shape, you need to show it in (many) examples.

    >6) Create or find a computerised font representation of the character
    >(preferably free)

    For this symbol, the editors are willing to volunteer creating a glyph
    should it get accepted,
    so you can reference me as a 'source of font' for this one, for example.

    >7) Collect suitable references to justify the inclusion of the character
    >in the Unicode standard. A quick google search give many leads to be
    >followed up in this area.


    >In the spirit of anarchy, I am likely to pursue this application, whatever
    >response I get! Equally in the spirit of anarchy, you are free to make
    >provide whatever comments and assistance you wish, on any of the above points.

    Good luck.


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