Re: New Currency sign in Unicode

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Thu Apr 01 2004 - 21:46:23 EST

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    Jim Allan wrote:

    > Peter Kirk wrote:
    >> I wonder if Kyekyeku is finding it rather offensive that all we
    >> westerners are claiming to know better than he does what the cedi sign
    >> looks like. He says it is different from a cent sign. Let's stop
    >> speculating that he might be wrong and wait for him to provide evidence
    >> that he is correct.
    > At the Ghana currency is
    > named "new cedi" and its symbol appears as a N¢ with the ¢ appearing
    > in capital letter form with an oblique slash and Kyekyeku described.
    > This web page also has a slashed capital G for the Paraguayan guarani,
    > another symbol not in Unicode.

    It also has the "symbol" for the Israeli New Sheqel as "NIS" and not the
    *symbol* ₪, which leads one to wonder as to its authoritative strength.
    Even if "NIS" is the official symbol (and I'm not saying it is), ₪ is
    definitely used (and also ש״ח).


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