RE: Converting between Shift-JIS and Unicode

From: Tom Emerson (
Date: Thu Apr 01 2004 - 22:19:58 EST

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    Rick Cameron writes:
    > Could you please point me to information on the relationship between JIS X
    > 0208-1990 (as represented by the kJis0 field in Unihan.txt) and Shift-JIS?

    Run, don't walk, and get Ken Lunde's "CJKV Information Processing". It
    will answer this question, and many more that you have yet to ask. :-)

    > >From looking at Unihan.txt and CP932.txt (from the Microsoft vendor
    > directory on I don't see an obvious relationship.
    > For example:
    > U+4E00 -> 1676 (kJis0) and 0x88EA (cp932)
    > U+4E01 -> 3590 (kJis0) and 0x929A (cp932)

    ShiftJIS is pretty complex, as encodings go. Ken's book covers it in
    detail, and provides implementation information and a table to make it
    easier to do by hand.


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