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From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu Apr 08 2004 - 00:53:22 EDT

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    At 09:11 PM 4/7/2004, Tobias Stamm wrote:
    >Greetings to all standartisers!
    >I'm new here so forgive me my stupidness.
    >I just have one little question to which I didn't found the answer in the
    >whole homepage:
    >What is the standard of the characters names?

    You are looking for the character naming guidelines

    You will find them as part of the instructions on submitting character
    If you are trying to parse the Nameslist.txt file, look at the file format
    in Nameslist.html which describes name format as well.

    >What I mean is: For example, the character A has the name "LATIN CAPITAL
    >LETTER A". So I guess for a name, there can only be used the 26 capital
    >letters of the latin alphapet plus space. But that's just my guess. Are
    >there any other characters allowed (maybe some brackets or points,
    >commata? digits?).
    >Aha, right now, I found a char that uses the minus plus some digits: "CJK

    For the formal names:

    A-Z, SPACE, HYPHEN and 0-9

    In 10646 names can be followed by a comment, consisting of

    a space followed by text inside ( ) optionally followed by a space and a *


    a space followed by a *

    >Thanks in advance for your help, even if it's just a link which guides me
    >to the standartisation (maybe an RFC?).

    Finally, except for one pair of names involving O-E vs OE, all names are
    unique if you remove
    spaces and all *medial* hyphens, but not the hyphen in names that have XXXX
    -A etc. where space
    and hyphen are adjacent.

    When it comes to creating new names, there are more rules having to do with
    what words are used to make up a name. But that's mostly a tool for the
    editors to attempt some consistency in naming (not that they've been at all
    that succesful...;-)

    >proud to be a newby! :)

    Good luck!


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