[locale] mailing lists? (was: Standardize TimeZone ID)

From: Philippe Verdy (verdy_p@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Sun Apr 25 2004 - 14:35:05 EDT

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    From: "Michael Everson" <everson@evertype.com>
    > At 09:30 -0700 2004-04-25, Michael \(michka\) Kaplan wrote:
    > >I find myself in the [rare? <g>] position of agreeing with Michael Everson
    > >wholeheartedly.
    > (*embraces MichKa*)
    > >Seems like those who want to combine them in a huge mishmosh can
    > >simply belong to both lists, right?
    > Even I might want to belong to both lists. But I need to thread these
    > topics into different boxes, and that is best done by having unicode@
    > and locales@ as two different lists.

    For now, the following OPENI18N lists could be used, as this is where this CLDR
    comes from:


    In short:

    HOW TO JOIN OPENI18N Mailing Lists
    To subscribe or unsubscribe to listname@openi18n.org list, send mail to
    with the phrase `subscribe "your name(not your email address)", for example,
        subscribe Hideki Hiura
    in mail body, not in subject. You will receive a confirmation email from the
    mailing list server on openi18n.org. You need to reply to this confirmation mail
    with the contents quoted. This feature is to prevent SPAMMERs to become
    subscriber. The confirmation mail includes the line something like
        confirm 12345677 Hideki Hiura
    so the reply mail should include this line, something like as follows;
    > confirm 12345678 Hideki Hiura
    Then your subscription of the list will machinery be processed.

    I have subscribed this list since long, but the traffic from it is almost always
    null... Nobody seems to answer there, or the list is not working properly.

    So Mark could look at what is not working there, before the lists are operated
    in Unicode and finally transfered with its new policy. Some more responsive
    lists seem to be the ICU developers list (because IBM still maintains the
    locales repository which was also an important part of its ICU project, and now
    becomes managed under the new Unicode LTC policy).

    The OpenI18N mailing lists include specialized subgroups:

    Sub Group ;
        Leader; E-mail;
    System Architecture Subgroup ;
        Yoichi Suehiro ; suehiro ;
    Li18nux Application dev. environment ;
        Helena Shih; hshih ; openi18n-lade
    Input Method ;
        Hisashi Miyashita ; himi ;
    Localization WEB contents ;
        Takeo Nishii ; takeo ;
    Certification ;
        Shoji Kuwahara ; kuwahara ;
    Advanced Level Utility Developement ;
        Shoji Sugiyama ; shoji ;
    Application Developement ;
        (Kido Akio) ; (kido) ;
    Li18nux2000 Test Suites ;
        Shoji Sugiyama ; shoji ;

    The interesting parts for Unicode would be the System Architecture Subgroup,
    Input Method, and Certification; but some of the issues are more general and
    fall into the domain of RFC 3066. I have no idea where a RFC is discussed: IETF?

    The IBM repository has no more discussion now, because it can't accept new
    commits even from the previous developers without first adhering to the Unicode
    LTC policy. May be this (CVS hosted) repository could be splitted with a stable
    branch placed under the LTC authority, and separate development branches where
    proposals will be tested???

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