Re: Proposal to add 2 Romanian characters

From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Mon Apr 26 2004 - 15:18:38 EDT

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    Philippe verdy writes:
    > but MSKLC won't work with
    > multiple dead keys, as MSKLC only supports combinations like:
    > <dead key> + <base code point> ==> <unicode string>
    > So to allow entering I + curcumblex + acute, one would need to map:
    > <acute dead key> + <I-circumflex code point>
    > but there's no way to compose I-circumflex if it does not receives a
    > keystroke assignment (without dead keys).
    > There's no support in MSKLC to create mapping with 2 dead keys + one base
    > point.

    I agree that there is this limitation in MSKLC.
    For myself I make my own keyboard layout so that I can have the double dead
    key, since one can do that if one goes back to the basic procedures
    available in DDK.
    The double dead key is useful in cutting down on the number of key
    assignments. It helps in Greek where rough/smooth breathing has to be
    combined with acute/grave etc.
    It also helps in Chinese Pinyin, where the tone mark needs to be combined
    with the umlaut over u.
    All this can be done within the framework available in the DDK.

    Raymond Mercier

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