Re: [locale] ISO 3166 extensions/reserves and usage in locales

From: Timothy Partridge (
Date: Tue Apr 27 2004 - 15:05:10 EDT

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    Philippe Verdy recently said:

    > * [CE] the "Council of Europe", or CoE (no confusion here with the "European
    > Council" which is one governing institution of the European Union [EU], grouping
    > the ministries of the full EU member countries, today 15, 25 countries in a few
    > days on May 1st). In addition to the 15 existing EU members and the new 10 EU
    > members, the CoE includeds these 19 + 1 countries, by order of membership:

    This sounds more like a jurisdiction to me, i.e. where a set of laws apply.
    This can be an important concept for electronic trading, since if a contract
    is to be formed between buyer and seller they need to agree the
    jurisdiction of the contract by some means. I live in the United Kingdom
    (hence uk at the end of my internet address), but parts of it have different
    laws, e.g. Scotland and England.


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