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Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 11:28:31 EDT

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    > This even succeeds in getting a distinct identifier in ISO 639, mo,
    under a
    > slightly different name: "Moldavian".

    Yes, well, I've asked the ISO 639/RA-JAC to clarify what difference they
    mean to convey, or whether they really want to maintain a distinction.

    > It is interessant to note that Microsoft did not endorse ISO 639 on
    > regard, but sees Moldavian as being a form of Romanian, and asks for
    use of
    > "ro-mo" for the identifier corresponding to LangId x0818.

    Yes, well, if you look at it carefully, you'll notice that the
    identifier "ro-mo" is effectively "Romanian - Moldavian" (mo is the ISO
    639-1 ID for Moldavian; it's not the ISO 3166 ID for Moldova -- if you
    interpret this as ll-CC, it would be Romanian spoken in Macao).

    It's painful to see inconsistent info being put out. The reality is that
    Windows does not support 0x0818 (or 0x0819 for that matter).

    > I believe the same answer that the one I did about Croatian would
    apply. But
    > this issue is even muddier for the reason of the existence of the "mo"
    > Because, strictly speaking, what you are asking for is about existing
    > Romanian material, not originating from Moldova or Transdniestria

    I consider there to be no real difference between "Romanian" and
    "Moldavian". As far as Windows is concerned, I'd expect Windows might at
    some point support "Romanian (Moldova)" but I wouldn't expect
    "Moldavian". So, I don't really care where it comes from or whether this
    or that person calls it R or M; I just wonder what the chances are data
    will be in Cyrillic.

    > Pretty rare, I would say.

    I was guessing it would be on the rare side.

    Peter Constable
    Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies
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