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Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 19:18:51 EDT

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    > Ktunaxa - requires capital and lowercase slash-c, and capital and lowercase double
    > barred l

    The double-barred l/L are also used in Papua New Guinea. They (along with some other Latin and Cyrillic orthographic stuff) were on my list of things to propose next.

    > SENĆOŦEN - requires caps only: slash-A, slash-C, overlaid shortstroke-K, overlaid
    > shortstroke-L (a capital version of U+019A), and slash-T. Note that this language only
    > uses capital letters!

    The capital of 019A may also be used in Papua New Guinea (unconfirmed), and it is in orthographic use in Dogrib and Slavey. It has also been used as an Americanist phonetic symbol for voiceless lateral fricative (so why wasn't it in my phonetic symbols proposal?)

    I'd be interested in getting more info on these other characters.

    > Hen’q’emin’em’ - requires a superscripted version of Greek lowercase theta.

    Already approved by UTC.


    > Currently, we are using the cent sign for Ktunaxa slash c, and the Khoisan click U+1c2
    > for the double barred l (both lowercase). No solution for the capital double barred l is
    > apparent.

    The double-barred l/L are supported in the Doulos SIL font as PUA characters.

    > There are a few more characters that are used in British Columbia languages that are
    > absent from Unicode, but we have not formalised any standards as yet.

    Please keep me informed of any progress, or let me know if I can help :-)

    Peter Constable
    Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies
    Microsoft Windows Division

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