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Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 18:46:38 EDT

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    On 29/04/2004 15:30, Patrick Andries wrote:

    > ...
    > (*) I'm not convinced Neopunic scholars code their text in Hebrew, do
    > you know if this is the case Peter (Kirk) ? I must say, however, that
    > in other cases this may well be the case (e.g. when James Février
    > gives Th. Nöldeke's Phoenician characters names (also used by Michael)
    > the reference glyph next to the Phoenician names are modern Hebrew
    > square letters...).
    Sorry, I am not a neo-Punic scholar. If Michael wishes to justify his
    proposal on the basis that they do, he is the one who should contact
    them to find out, and not content himself with answering "Has contact
    been made to members of the user community...?" with "No. Phoenician is
    a simple and well-known historic script used in a wide variety of contexts."

    I would not consider "No" to be an adequate answer to that question for
    any script, however simple and well-known, as there is always the
    potential for finding out things which the proposer doesn't quite
    understand correctly. Such problems were found with biblical Hebrew
    because (I am told) accents were encoded on the basis of data from a
    reference book rather than from contact with users. Unicode needs to
    make sure that such mistakes are not repeated.

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