Re: Public Review Issues Updated

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 20:33:47 EDT

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    From: "Peter Constable" <>
    > > If C-stroke is left unencoded, people will need to use hacks...
    > Obviously now that we know that the uppercase C-stroke is used, we do
    > want to get it added. It can't be added this afternoon, however -- the
    > process just doesn't work that way. We don't need to spend a lot of time
    > here convincing ourselves it would be better to add it.

    Yes but not indicating its existence and the fact that Unicode will want to
    encode it too would be an error if the ISO/IEC 10646 working group will vote
    against the proposal, by thinking it should be unified with the cent sign.

    After all, the public review is to expose the pro and con arguments for its
    encoding, and a cased pair is clearly an argument for the separate encoding of
    the lowercase letter, even if a formal proposal for the uppercase letter is
    accepted later by Unicode. I think that to simplify the procedures, both
    characters should be proposed together, and immediately given the correct case

    This solves the possible presentation issues which would have happened in the
    past with the CENT sign and the newly proposed CEDI sign as well (because this
    last character, a uppercase version of the CENT sign, already has a accepted
    variant form which looks exactly like the CENT sign).

    I posted my comment to the UTC administrative report form.

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