Re: Brahmic Unification (was Re: New contribution )

From: Andrew C. West (
Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 09:06:48 EDT

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    On Fri,
    > Andrew C. West scripsit:
    > > For example, the excellent description of the Tocharian script
    > > (surely the worst made-up name for a dead script ever) at
    > > could
    > > be the basis of a proposal for this important Brahmic script. There is
    > > a considerable body of Tocharian material, and it would be much easier
    > > to encode this material using a dedicated Tocharian block than using
    > > a generic Brahmic encoding model.
    > I don't understand. Are you proposing this be implemented as a full
    > syllabary, Cherokee/Ethiopic style, rather than using the usual
    > apparatus of consonants, independent vowels, and vowel marks (which in
    > this case ligate fully with the consonants)?

    No, not at all. The charts may show consonant-vowel syllables, but that does not
    mean that I believe that they should be proposed to be encoded as syllables.

    What I was saying was that all the glyphs needed for a proposal are nicely laid
    out here, not that there is necessarily a one-to-one correspondence between
    these glyphs and Unicode characters.


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