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Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 09:13:25 EDT

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    John Cowan wrote,

    > Is there an explanation anywhere on the Net? I don't have D & B.

    The Proel page on Miao has a good scan of Fraser script interspersed
    with several examples of Pollard script. Note that Proel fails to make
    the distinction between Fraser and Pollard. The Fraser example
    follows the text "La figura inferior muestra el mismo texto, Juan 3:16,
    en caracteres lisu y en dialecto lisu occidental, hablado en China

    But, this example doesn't show the 'punctuation' strings that are
    in D&B.

    Thank goodness for Omniglot!

    Here's the text example from D&B making use of the PUA in
    UTF-8 (you might have to manually select UTF-8, my ISP doesn't
    tag outgoing e-mails) which can be viewed if you have a certain
    font installed...

    [from Daniels and Bright p. 582]
    Sample of Hwa (Western) Lisu

    NY N. NU MI: : SI KW ΛW FI DU FI
    U KO_ LO-. YI NY NU J GU YE T VU NY, G⅂_ BV_
    LO= O: : DE KW L ℲO I RO U TY_ M S NY
    SI  J GU NU W YE T VU NY, YI CƎ. TƎ,
    TƎ,; BE XY, B LO=

    (I just used existing ASCII punctuation in this example.)

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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