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Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 09:41:03 EDT

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    On Tue, Apr 27, 2004 at 11:29:58PM -0700, Peter Constable wrote:
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    > > Would you need to have the same web-text [in HTML] displayed
    > > in Romanian as well as in Cyrillic script according to
    > > the reader's wishes?
    > It could perhaps be put that way: yes, what I want to know is whether
    > there is any potential need to have Romanian-language content such as
    > web pages that need to be provided (whether according to a reader's
    > wish, or to reflect the form of a historic document) in Cyrillic script
    > rather than Latin script.

    I did download pages in _Moldavian_ some time before....
    There is such a singer called Sofia Rotaru, and she was rather popular
    in Soviet Union, and she used to sang in Russian, Ukrainian and
    Moldavian (still does - I saw her recently performing on Russian TV,
    singing songs in all these three languages, although I do not know how
    is the last language called now).
    Anyway, I was looking for lyrics for some songs, and got to a www
    page with some texts of her songs. The page was itself in Russian,
    but the lyrics were in respective languages, including Moldavian.

    The page seemed to be rather recent, with regular updates etc...

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