RE: lowercased Unicode language tags ? (was: ISO 15924)

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Really you should READ the draft CAREFULLY before commenting.

The 'extlang' subtags are reserved for future use (presumed to be with ISO639-3).

'zh-traditional' and 'zh-simplified' are already registered with IANA under RFC3066 using the ISO15924 script tags. The tags are 'zh-hant' and 'zh-hans' respectively. The draft does expand these to allow generative use of script subtags ("zh-Hant-SG").

And really this discussion should occur on the ietf-languages list. It's already devilishly hard to track issues that arise.

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> Good! There's at least a viable alternative to ISO3166 country codes to
> differentiate languages
> For example, ca-s-CI (using the "-s-" <extlang> mechanism) will
> be a much better
> alternative to ca-es-CI (with ISO 3166-1&2). And we'll be able to
> differentiate
> the 3 other variants of Catalan in continental Spain (two of them are in
> cross-border regions in Andorra and France), or the 4 main
> dialects of Breton
> (whose which don't cover the administrative division of Britanny
> into French
> departments), for example "br-s-van" for the Vannetais variant of
> Breton spoken
> and written around the city of Vannes.
> Another good example will be the case of Flemish (also
> cross-border between
> France and Belgium).
> One very useful case will be something like "zh-s-traditional" and
> "zh-s-simplified" (is there already proposed extlang tags for
> them?) which will
> be much better than the choice between "zh" for simplified
> Chinese and "zh-TW"
> for Traditional Chinese (to be used even by users in Hong Kong,
> Macau, Singapore
> and even South China that may prefer the traditional form).

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