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>What I think is that it's okay to unify Fraktur into Latin, despite
>the lack of Fraktur glyphs for lots of things. Icelandic, still
>less Vietnamese, in Fraktur would be a perversity;

I am afraid that you are mistaken. Icelandic was OFTEN printed in Fraktur.

Apart from that, I don't personally think that Vietnamese in Fraktur
would be particularly perverse. There are Cyrillic Fraktur styles,
for that matter. (A Hausa Fraktur might be a bit of a design
challenge, but in any case the text would be recognizable with less
than a half-hour's study -- WITHOUT a key.

No Georgian can read Nuskhuri without a key. I maintain that no
Hebrew reader can read Phoenician without a key. I maintain that it
is completely unacceptable to represent Yiddish text in a Phoenician
font and have anyone recognize it at all.

>similarly, pointed Hebrew (which I point out is a small fraction of
>all the Hebrew in the world, most of which is written using the
>22CWSA in Square form)
>would be a perversity in any font but a Square one.

Unicode does not encode your mythical 22CWSA. Unicode encodes Square
Hebrew and its typographic richness. You want to force a rich set of
related scripts (which are proposed for unification as Phoenician)
into that model.

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