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>Thus spake Michael in N2746:
>>The twenty-two letters in the Phoenician block may be used, with
>>appropriate font changes, to express Punic, Neo-Punic, Phoenician
>>proper, Late Phoenician cursive, Phoenician papyrus, Siloam Hebrew,
>>Hebrew seals, Ammonite, Moabite, and Palaeo-Hebrew.
>So font difference does seem to be needed, yes.

The kind of glyph variation would be a true variation of style and
font. One American schoolteacher makes a wide variety of these font
styles available for what we've proposed to encode as Phoenician. The
analogy, really, would be more like that one we have in Old Italic.
There is nevertheless a generic style, which we have used in the code
charts for Old Italic.

The reference glyphs proposed for Phoenician are fairly "vanilla".

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