Re:CJK(B) and IE6

From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 04:32:35 CDT

[Earlier posting lost, it seems.]

James Kass writes:
> The lack of support for supplementary characters expressed in UTF-8
> in the Internet Explorer is a bug. As Philippe Verdy mentions, the
> Mozilla browser does not have this same bug. Also it should be
> noted that the Opera browser handles non-BMP UTF-8 just fine.

As I said in my starting message Mozilla copes with everything, both UTF8
and NCR, over the whole CJK range.
However Opera (in my experience) cannot do Ext B in either UTF8 or NCR.
IE6 cannot cope with Ext A in UTF8, but will do so in NCR.
I attach two short files (produced by Hanfind) that include both extensions,
one in UTF8 and the other NCR (except that characters given within the text
are all NCR).

> While working with NCRs may be an ugly nightmare, there are some
BabelPad is great, but it chokes in converting all the UTF8 in unihan.txt to
NCR at one
go. I wrote a dedicated program to do that.

> I *think* that Windows 2000 uses Unicode always internally and uses an
> internal conversion chart if material is non-Unicode like GB-18030.
That at least is declared

Raymond Mercier

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