Re: New Contribution: In support of Phoenician from a user

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 13:07:04 CDT

At 09:20 -0700 2004-05-05, Peter Kirk wrote:

>Proper justification of a proposal is always important. The UTC now
>and in the future needs to be able to demonstrate that it acted
>fairly e.g. in rejecting Klingon, accepting Coptic disunification
>from Greek, and whatever it does decide on Phoenician. It should not
>accept one expert's say-so, especially when that one expert boasts
>(inaccurately) of having had no contact with the user community.

Would you please stop harping on that? In the first place it does not
correctly characterize that point of the proposal summary form, and
in the second place I have already addressed it on this forum.

And it was not one expert's say-so. I was following the outline of
the roadmap, and the decision to propose to encode Phoenician
separately had been taken by several experts in writing systems three
years ago.

>If Deborah's name and arguments had been included in the proposal
>from the start I would have kept much more quiet in this debate.

Well, golly. Debbie and I went to university together. We both
studied Indo-European there. But she gets to be an expert, and I do
not. (rolls eyes)

There will be a revised version of the proposal. You can all stop
giggling and pointing fingers now. Ta.

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