Philippe's Management of Microsoft (was: Re: Yoruba Keyboard)

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 14:03:20 CDT

Philippe, first regarding GB 18030:

> > I think you need to check some facts. Five years would be May 1999;
> > GB18030 wasn't published until March 2000.
> That's something I can't understand: I read previously that P.R. China voted a
> law or directive so that support for GB18030 should become mandatory for all
> products sold in P.R. China starting January 2000. This could not have been
> enforced if all the preparation was not already finalized, just waiting for a
> final publication.

It wasn't enforced. The PRC did not publish a final, *corrected* and actually
implementable version of GB 18030 until spring, *2001*, falsely dated
2000-03-17, even though it contained significant changes from what was
actually published in 2000.

As regards the rest of this:

> Microsoft has certainly been involved in this standardization process, and
> should have ...

> This beta program must have been used to ...
> I can't beleive that this ongoing development was not
> planed and anticipated long before the final release. Microsoft has teams
> working ...
> I can't understnad why the largest software company cannot plan some
> time to create a small working team to ...
> I don't understand
> the rationale about why the UTF-8 parser in Internet Explorer is not patched to
> support characters out of the BMP....

> And there are other Microsoft teams outside US with better knowledge of
> East-Asian character sets, and that could work on...

> A company that argues and promotes being the best and biggest software solution
> provider necessarily needs planification and coordination of its working teams.
This kind of long-winded harangue about how Microsoft should manage its
business is OT for this list and is generally insulting to the Microsoft
participants as well. Please take it elsewhere and do not bother the
Unicode list with your management plans for Microsoft's internal


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