Re: Philippe's Management of Microsoft (was: Re: Yoruba Keyboard)

Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 12:19:47 CDT

Raymond Mercier wrote,

> Isn't it the other way round ?
> I attach a file with three characters all in UTF8, representing CJK(A), CJK
> and CJK(B). The CJK(A) displays in IE6 only if <span lang=ZH>...</span> is
> included, but it *does* handle the CJK(B) without any reference to lang.
> In Mozilla all three display without the "lang=ZH"

Well, I tested here before writing you privately. I've never been able to
get IE6 to show non-BMP text encoded as UTF-8. And, I've never had a problem
getting IE6 to show CJK-A in UTF-8.

I attach a file with two lines of CJK characters. The first line is CJK-A,
the second line is CJK-B. It's just a simple test file. Here, the first
line displays just fine, the second doesn't. The second line won't display
even with a FONT FACE inserted.

Also attached is a small gif showing the HTML source as it appears in
NotePad. So, some Windows apps *can* display CJK-B in UTF-8, but, AFAICT,
IE6 can not.

> Of course to see the CJK(B) you need the font Simsun (Founder Extended).

I don't have the Founder Extended SimSun font, though.

Best regards,

James Kass



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