Re: Philippe's Management of Microsoft (was: Re: Yoruba Keyboard)

From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 06:17:58 CDT

Kenneth Whistler writes, replying to Philippe
> This kind of long-winded harangue about how Microsoft should manage its
> business is OT for this list and is generally insulting to the Microsoft
> participants as well. Please take it elsewhere and do not bother the
> Unicode list with your management plans for Microsoft's internal
> business.

It is all very well to mock Philippe, but IE6 fails badly if it cannot even
display CJK(A) in UTF8, something Mozilla does perfectly well. If there are
Microsoft participants in this list perhaps they could explain this failure.
Broadly speaking I am pro-Microsoft, but this behaviour in IE6 reflects
badly on them.

Raymond Mercier

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