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Date: Sat May 08 2004 - 08:15:17 CDT

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    Kenneth Whistler scripsit:

    > (Encoded as distinct scripts, by the
    > way, despite their clear and evident historic relationship
    > to each other, and despite the fact that Japanese can obviously
    > read both of them with great facility -- if you guys want to
    > take that particular bone in your mouth and chew on it for
    > awhile... consider Kana the 48CEAS *hehe*)

    Of course they would have to be. But if the Japanese had ditched their
    kanji and wrote mostly in hiragana, with katakana used very rarely --
    say, about as frequent in running text as italicized foreign words in
    Latin-script running text -- they might not have bothered to encode
    them separately.

    > If it turns out to make the most sense for a default table
    > to have 22CWSA scripts (as John puts it) sort with interleaved
    > primary weights, it is technically feasible to generate a
    > table that way. (Although not for Hebrew versus Arabic versus
    > Syriac, which are treated distinctly for primary weights now.)

    Oh, I quite agree. Arabic and Syriac are out of the picture here:
    too many consonants, too different.

    > It isn't a foregone conclusion what the UTC and WG2 will do on
    > this issue -- it, like the encoding of the Phoenician
    > (~ Old Canaanite, ~ Old West Semitic) script itself, is a
    > matter for technical debate and decision.

    Which we are now having the preliminary part of.

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