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Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 13:07:19 CDT

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    Philippe Verdy scripsit:

    > How can I get so much difference in Internet Explorer when rendering Ogham
    > vertically (look at the trucated horizontal strokes), and is the absence of
    > ligatures in Mongolian caused by lack of support of Internet Explorer or the
    > version of the Code2000 font that I use (I though I had the latest version)?

    Well, the view of Andrew's text I get in IE 6.0 and Mozilla Firefox
    0.8 is very different. Firefox shows me strict LTR; IE displays it
    Chinese-style (T2B columns laid out R2L) when I add enough text to
    force another column. In any case the Ogham is treated like the Latin.
    (The lack of ligatures is because the font doesn't have them.)

    When I inserted some Hebrew text after the word "Ogham", I got it
    displayed R2L in Firefox; in IE, the Hebrew glyphs are on their right
    sides (that is, the baseline is on the left) and they are laid out B2T.
    This evidently results from a mechanical application of the bidi algorithm
    followed by wholesale clockwise rotation. When I add LRO and PDF, the
    Hebrew becomes T2B but the baseline is still on the left, so from the
    point of view of ordinary reading, the Hebrew glyphs are upside down!
    In addition, the Hebrew forces a column break for no obvious reason.

    When I tell IE to display the original document R2L using View/Right-to-Left
    Document, everything looks the same except that the columns are
    bottom-justified instead of top-justified and the scroll bar moves to
    the left. With the Hebrew text in it, though, changing the view causes
    the Hebrew text to jump from the bottom of its column to the top.

    If there's a UI to make Firefox do vertical layout, I don't know what it is.

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