Re: ISO-15924 script nodes and UAX#24 script IDs

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 16:42:01 CDT

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    From: "Michael Everson" <>
    > >Or shouldn't simply Unicode deprecate script IDs in favor of ISO-15924 codes?
    > This doesn't make any sense.

    May be you don't understand the sense: I do not propose to change the existing
    IDs documented in UAX #24. They can stay there because they are already

    But I see little interest in perpetuating a dual encoding system, when it is not

    ISO-15924 already contains codes for the missing scripts in Unicode. There's
    probably no need to reinvent new ones for future scripts so that UAX#24 would
    just need to say that all scripts standardized in Unicode that don't have an ID
    value in ISO15924 will use instead the 4-letters ISO15924 script code (in that
    case, there will be no future additions in the ID column of the ISO-15924

    This is useful because this means that documents could be already tagged using
    the ISO15924 codes when they already ecist, even though they need to be encoded
    with PUAs for now in Unicode, and have no script ID property defined on these

    CSS3 uses UAX#24 script IDs, but not the richer palette of ISO-15924 codes (it's
    normal because UAX#24 script IDs existed before ISO-15924 was approved and

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