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Date: Tue May 18 2004 - 06:06:43 CDT

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    > Michael Everson scripsit:
    > > TTB, not T2B, please. [...] BTT, not B2T, please.
    > It would be a violation of my traditional cultural standards to use T
    > instead of 2 for "to". Furthermore, using 2 prevents me from writing
    > TBB and other such horrors.

    To my (sub-)cultural tradition 2 means "to" in the sense of a transformation,
    not a direction. T2B reads to me that something abbreviated as "T" is changed
    to something abbreviated as "B", Top2Bottom would hence read as taking
    something from the top of a page or viewing area and moving it, in its
    entirety, to the bottom, not as something starting at the top and continuing
    towards the bottom.

    In summary, TTB, not T2B, please.

    Jon Hanna
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