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From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Fri May 21 2004 - 05:14:34 CDT

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    On Thursday, May 20th, 2004 23:56, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > I see no real problem if not all the different orthographies are
    > listed or if they are not used universally. As long as the name is
    > non ambiguous. What will be important for interchange of data will
    > not be this name but the Code (or N°, or even ID in UAX#24
    > properties).

    I disagree. When I put content on the web, under my signature, I care about
    whether is written correctly or not. And when there are different
    possibilities, I prefer the best one given any other constraints (such as
    technical limitations here or there.)

    > So there's nothing wrong if "Han'gul" is shown to users

    Sorry: this is meaningless to me as French reader. And it is a mistake
    (missing breve) when it comes about the McCune-Reischauer scheme. Half-good
    fallback mechanisms are usually better than nothing, but worse than anything
    else. And we do have better possibilities here.

    > French normally has no caron and no breve, and the circumflex is used
    > to mark a slight alteration of the vowel because of an assimilated
    > consonnant in the historical orthograph (most often this circumflex
    > in French denotes a lost "s" after the vowel).

    Or it can be for other reasons. Which consonant is involved in "dû"?

    > So the curcumflex on "Hangul" would be inappropriate for French,

    Please go to Langues'O for this commentary. As I wrote, you will be probably
    answered with the historical context.

    Also, there are a number of circumflexes already in the names, which have
    nothing to do with swallowed s (like in "dévanâgarî"), which furthermore are
    the main entries, unlike the case at hand. Are you proposing to drop them?
    Perhaps in favour of macrons (like is done in a number of dictionnaries, by
    the way)?

    > [Comments-OT]
    > The problem of apostrophes is that French keyboards don't have
    > it, but only have a single-quote.

    Huh ???
    That is quite a time I did not use a French keyboard on NT/2000, but until
    now, all did send apostrophes, not "single-quote".


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