Re: ISO 15924 draft fixes

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri May 21 2004 - 09:10:02 CDT

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    At 10:28 +0200 2004-05-21, Philippe Verdy wrote:
    >From: "Michael Everson" <>
    >> At 23:21 +0200 2004-05-20, Philippe Verdy wrote:
    >> >There is still a conflict of "Code" for Mandaean, is it "Mand" or "Mnda"?
    >> Mand.
    >OK This is now corrected on the new HTML pages.
    >But the new "normative" plain-text file now contains... "Mnda" !!!

    Whoops. It was late, and that change was made by hand.

    >As a side note to Michael or the other 6 RA members (Ken, and Rick notably), I
    >don't think it's even a good idea to ZIP this reference plain-text file due to
    >its very small size (which smaller than each of the HTML versions of

    Surely it is not harmful.

    >It could be presented directly under the URL:
    >The plain text would appear directly in the browser window where it could be
    >saved as well, without needing any ZIP tool...

    Everyone has a zip tool.

    I am not very happy about loading the plain-text in browsers. Three
    of my browsers load it and *all* the French UTF-8 is displayed in
    Latin 1.

    >I hope that the published versions will soon be acceptable for
    >getting from the current "FDIS" status (Final Draft International
    >Standarf) to the "Standard" status in ISO. I looked into the TC46
    >web site and for now ISO 15924 is still not a final standard but a
    >final draft

    It *has* been published by ISO, though the TC46 web site doesn't reflect this.

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