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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri May 21 2004 - 14:38:26 CDT

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    From: "Peter Constable" <>
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    > > I updated my own Excel sheet at:
    > Philippe, I really appreciate the content you posted for it's potential
    > value in guiding the RA in doing a better job with their data.
    > I hope, however, that you do not plan to leave it online once Michael
    > has his content corrected. In the long run, it really is unhelpful to
    > have alternate sources for data. Inevitably, the mirrors get out of sync
    > as the owners move on to other interests, and inevitably someone points
    > to the copy, not the source.

    In fact what I'll do is to replace that by a JavaScript version, whose source
    data will be feeded and cached (in the server) from the Unicode normative text
    file, to generate a Javascript array. The "colored" version was there to help
    show what I found.

    Michael said that he will ignore all differences found in the previous HTML
    files, considering only the text file as the source and adding the missing

    Since then, there has been no clear justification for the removal of Georgian
    Asomtavruli (I was told that the two scripts were being disunified in Unicode,
    and it is already for bibliographic references, and considered distinct by most
    Georgian readers that can't read it, but can read perfectly the default
    Mkhedruli script variant with various combinations of diacritics for
    transliteration, that could not work correctly if written with the Asomtavruli

    So the 4-letter code has been published for some time, but only with a
    conflicting 3-digits numeric code. As most users of ISO15924 will ignore the
    numeric code in most applications, they may already have started to tag their
    Asomtavruli references with "Geoa" (it was said that it was valid and
    standard...) instead of Private Use codes (in Qaaa to Qabx). Will they need to
    revert them? What if documents or books have already been printed in Georgia
    using the "Geoa" code in their references? Or if this has already been used to
    feed librarian indices for interchange?

    May be there was no prior approval of this code and the publication was delayed
    for later and should not have been published... Oh well...

    Thanks to Michael for the addition of PropertyValueAlias="Common" for
    Code="Zyyy", and the correction of the incorrect HTML syntax of NCRs. I would
    have much prefered the absence of line wrap in this code (copy/paste operations
    by developers will insert an undesirable additional character that may be
    unnoticed in sources).
    On the opposite, there was no real need to prohibit line wraps in the Date

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